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evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we have an on-the-ground report from gaza city, followed by two views of the widening conflict on the third day of hostilities. >> woodruff: then, an update on the syrian war. margaret warner spent the day inside rebel-held territory. >> brown: we get a "battleground dispatch" from megan verlee of colorado public radio. voters in that state approved a ballot initiative allowing anyone over 21 to buy marijuana. >> politicses, businesspeople and law enforcement are wondering what comes next. har >> woodruff: hari sreenivasan talks to andrew kohut about the pew center's post-election report card, with the candidates, the campaigns, and the news media getting low marks. >> brown: david brooks and ruth marcus analyze the week's news. >> woodruff: and how much did the presidential candidates spend on social media? ray suarez has some answers on the daily download. >> take a look at this, the obama campaign spent $47 million on digital sending. and the romney campaign spent 4 my 7 million. a 10 to 1 gap.
. it has some in there already. they can taste bitter so i use honey. a lot of honey and a little brown sugar. just a little bit. >> not too much right? >> no. it makes it too sweet and it's not good for you anymore. >> and you have cinnamon in there. >> and i have cinnamon sticks and nutmeg. >> and we have the fuji apples. >> you kind of can just go by how much you made so that should be good. >> now we put the orange zest. >> yep. and don't forget to wash your oranges. >> we're using the success because of the because the juice is really cease and sweet -- sweet and it's already sweet. it keeps it fresh. >> then we put that in the bowl and you want to make the cranberry sauce about two days ahead of time, which is very helpful on thanksgiving because the day is so hectic. you're going to make it two days ahead and keep it in the fridge. it will thicken and cool. and right after my favorite, we're going to add mint. >> we're going to rip the mint. you want to add it on thanksgiving day right before the meal. >> thank you so much the another wonderful recipe by my daughter who's teachin
brown, charlie brown once to the ball and she's going to pull it out on the end. and congress and senate have a plan and ten minutes before this thing turns into kaka and miraculously works we're going to have a one-year plan and if someone is selling stocks because of the fiscal cliff, don't do it. if you're tired of the fiscal cliff, watch cartoons, family guy had a 200 thing and people get wound and they're making a mistake. >> brenda: you're pretty wound up. people are looking ahead, the fiscal cliff would happen a week after christmas? and this could really affect more than 2013, can't it? >> certainly can, because i'm with gary, it's psyching people out how bad it is that's going to do the damage. the actual damage, which is damage, i mean, it's across the board tax hikes, capital gains, small income, high income and spending cuts. and you have the ideal way in a soft economy to fix the budget. it's still a budget fix, i wish it was called the budget cliff and more optimistic and-- >> and definitely seeing investors in recent weeks, and up to this wanting to get out of stocks and t
their sale ads. and if it is being changed to thursday we have to change the name to golden brown thursday to keep in line with the golden brown turkey. >> do you give it a little. >> a seasonal forecast. >> we are starting out with the rain showers tapering off. that's good news but the visibility has been reduced with santa rosa 2 1/2 miles. right now you are looking at some wet pavement. we are going to see the lingering showers. a colder system tonight. lots going on. we will put it all together for you right after the break. >> and also next, jim harbaugh returns to work just a day after visiting the hospital. larry are beil tells us i ♪ [ female announcer ] nature exists on the grandest scale... ♪ ...and in the tiniest details. ♪ and sometimes both. nature valley granola thins pack the big taste of granola and dark chocolate into one perfect square, under 100 calories. nature valley granola thins. nature at its most delicious. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! t
. former mayor willie brown. [cheers and applause] and former mayor frank jordan. we want to acknowledge the husband of united states senator and former mayor dianne feinstein, mr. richard bloom. the wife of former mayor gina mos coney and the wife of former mayor joe alliteo, catherine. the sister of former mayor george christopher. the board board and the rest of the city family who has made this event possible. we are also honored to be joined by several giants dignitaries. president and ceo larry baer and his wife sam. [cheers and applause] . giants vice president and general manager brian saibian and his wife amanda. [cheers and applause] the wife of the skipper mrs. kim bochy. and let us now welcome distinguished members of the giants ownership group, charles johnson, david jenkins, trina and rob veen, tory and steven humphrey and allen baer. and we also joined by past giants owners. please welcome the family jamie and kim rupert and peter stoneum. also here with us today bob and connie laurie. peter and debbie mc clawlin. bill and sally newco. and now let's give it up for
, secondh half, brown gets the ball. he rolls into the end zone for the score. the patriots go on cruise and storage 5 to gap. all the way into the touchdown make it 48-28. highlights, you tune into channel 8 at 11:30. i will be hosting high-school sports final. to mike he recently suffered eight minor stroke. make a fullo recovery. >> a programming note, you can montgomery county parade tomorrow morning on channel 8. that starts at 10:00. stay with >> next seven days, a few chances for showers. other than that, great weather. hey, look! a shooting star! make a wish! i wish we could lie here forever. i wish this test drive was over, so we could head back toto the dealership. [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. test drive! but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a jetta. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today.
tracking all of that rain. >> yes. tracking two storms. >>> moderate downpours. heavier brown powers in marin county. close to san rafael. the rates have been picking up in the last few minutes, closer to magnolia around larksberg as well. sanoma county area, santa rosa. at last check, reporting light rain in this area, cover for a good portion of the region. sanfrancisco, one cell moving out. you will notice activity spreading across the east bay. heading out to the north. now, the result, the rainfall rates are diminishing in that part of the region. scattered rain showers. more activity in parts of the south bay closer to the santa cruz mountains and around morgan hill. so, that is a factor right now. the rainfall, moderate to heavy at times, the focus is in the northern half of the region. temperatures first thing in the morning, the main event with the first storm will be out of here. possibility of a few scattered showers first thing in the morning. once again, the wetter pat upper, storm number one, a warm one moving in right now. storm number 2. moving to the north and to the
in the administration of then-mayor willy brown. and general myat and i were talking about putting together a table top exercise and in came from some exercises from the marine corps and barry newman was a very energetic officer in the marine corps. he has gone over to afghanistan, i went over and saw him there, he was attached to the kabul police chief. i think he's going to have some interesting perspectives about working in the police department in a war zone. lieutenant commander patricia serrano, her assignments have been varied includes working as a immediate vaek core man, a legal clerk and a tqm instructor. she completed a 7-month deployment. captain mike napolitano is serving with the navy's expedition training group. while deployed in 2004, he spearheaded maritime patrol relief efforts toing the 2004 indian ocean tsunami, as well as numerous theater cooperation efforts throughout the pacific and in
to a state office building. >> this was an old eight-story brown building the state owned and the workers' comp people were in that building. it was an old dee correctvth it building for decades. when i was a member of the board of supervisors, all of us wondered why we hadn't done anything there and the mayor thought the same. >> if an earthquake happened, the building was uninhabitable. it sat there vacant for quite a while. the city decided to buy the building in 1999 for $2. we worked and looked at ways that we can utilize the building for an office building. to build an icon i can building that will house a lot of city departments. >> the san francisco public utilities commission has an important job. we provide clean, pristine public drinking water to 2.6 million people in the san francisco bay area from the hetch hetchy regional water system. with also generate clean renewable energy for city services like public buses, hospitals, schools, and much more. and finally, we collect and treat all the city's wastewater and stormwater making it safe enough to discharge into the san franci
with a timely manner within the brown act, something that this government seems to circumvent. many, many violations of the sunshine department are routine in this recreation and park department. cultivating the desecration of western culture. that is what is going on within this recreation and park department. if you cannot see either the ramifications or collateral damage this department has achieved, then you are seriously deceiving yourself and the general public. you have caused immense suffering, hardship and devastation to the bay area. city and county of san francisco and all of the people that have lived in it. it is similar to the feeling in benghazi. september 11th, 2012. nobody here to answer your concerns. nobody here that cares. nobody here that is watching what is really going on. thank you for your time. have a great day. and enjoy your thanksgiving. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else? richard, come forward. that is not this one. it is the next one. okay. richard. >> good morning, commissioners and general manager. i would like to speak in support of what's happening on
to chew on over thanksgiving. and hopefully you won't choke on it. september 11th, 2011 mayor willie brown, given advance warning of the nation's worst terrorist attack since pearl harbor. if only he had have told betty anne ong not to travel on september 11th, then we wouldn't have had to have -- >> i just have to remind you, that was a tragic event. i think you just have to show a little respect for that situation here in this room. >> absolutely. >> yet it was a very tragic event, september 11th. if you were in san francisco at that time, you were getting evicted from your stable, which was being managed by recreation and parks department and the commission here. you were told that you were going to get your facilities modernized. your stalls enlarged. that was ten years ago. you are sitting there asking me to have respect for september 11th? what if you owned a horses in san francisco september 11th, 2001. your tone would be a bit different, mr. buell. you seem to have total contempt for this city, the people that live in it. especially people that have recreational activities in it. y
of brown rice, you are eating these enormous amount of calories, is still fat. in my heart,log .'d be dead n tavis: how much of wanting to be in a project like this, i don't care if your name is sally field, hwhoever else, is there a gravitational pull to even want to be in a project like this when you know, even before it is done, you do not know if it is going to work, but if you know if it does work, it is going to be huge. when steven spielberg is taking on lincoln and daniel day-lewis is going to be lincoln. there are all kinds of signs around a project like this, this is going to beat massive. it is not about winning the academy award. if you are an actor, this is the kind of stuff that you want in your career to be a part of. is there any truth to that? >> there is a truth to it but it is not quite the same as you said. it is to me to have the opportunity and the privilege to do that kind of work with that kind of excellence around you, that it be the screenplay, standing across from the brilliant daniel day-lewis, or tommy lee jones or the cast was not to be believed. or that you w
that their black and brown people in america, young people, jews and asians, and somehow they have all but given the vote. how did this happen? well, they were bribed, given gifts instead of corporations and banks getting gifts. >> and they are all special interest groups, not really part of the whole. these strange interest groups, like young people getting some relief -- >> but you have responsible republicans saying that we have got to reach out more to hispanics -- >> senator marco rubio said yesterday, "i don't know these people who don't want to work." these governors, republican governors, if you are in a gerrymandered house district, you can keep with the 47%. if you are a senator like marco rubio or somebody with presidential aspirations, you cannot keep saying this about people. >> it will take more than cosmetics or 4 wolfe street it is policy. that is what they have to come to grips -- it will take more than cosmetics or photo ops. it is policy. that is what they have to come to grips with it. their policies don't wash with people, the people in need to reach. >> it worked in 2010. i
brown chair of the police chief advisory council made up of community members. >> he doesn't waste time. a very fair person. he doesn't believe in letting anything fester. >> officers face punishment could include being fired. the video has been removed from youtube. reporting live, prince george's county headquarters, jackie benson, news 4. >>> new explosions in israel. is rail escalated air strikes after two rockets fired from gaza landed just outside the capital of jerusalem today. israel is also known, amassing troops at the border. called up thousand of reservists ahead of potential ground invasion. prime minister netanyahu says the country is ready to take the next step if rocket fear does not stop. focus on capitol hill, remains on administration response to a 9/11 terrorist attack in benghazi libya. a closed door hearing with former cia director, david petraeus. jim? >> reporter: what general petraeus told lawmakers today has done little to clear up who knew what and when. what is clear is that initial accounts of a spontaneous uprising were quickly debunked. general petraeus sa
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someone for documentation to prove their immigration status. >> so if you're brown, they can just pull you over and demand papers? >> that's right. >> you've got to be ( bleep ) me. excuse me. holy ( bleep ). i didn't realize these laws could affect actual people, like me. if either party gets a super majority in d.c., who knows what hell it could unleash? chick-fil-as everywhere! drum circles! no! are you ( bleep ) kidding me! aahhh! ( bleep ) you, 12 labels. gridlock! we need you! >> jon: al madal ( cheers and applause ). >> jon: my guest tonight, he is the senior judicial analyst for the fox news channel. his new book is called "theodore and woodrow." please welcome back, the good judge andrew napolitano. what's up? >> good to see you. >> jon: it's the judge! how are you, man? >> i am well. >> jon: we're going to get into things, theodore and woodrow, but first-- >> this is a great audience. >> jon: they're a lovely group of people. they're here-- the tickets are free. >> they didn't pay to get in? >> jon: they did not pay to get in. they love you. let me ask you two things first-
jobs and salaries. >> governor jerry brown has reached an agreement with the nor then try. the new gaming compact will restructure--this will help gambling addiction. starting in 2015 that will have to pay 15 percent of their profits. >> a judge has denied-- groups representing the farmer stated that the relevant authority should stop all the work because it is not doing environmental reviews. the first phase of this project--construction is scheduled to begin in july of 2013. >> despite being on probation in a case. he told him in a three page letter that they will handle any disciplinary actions. the mayor and the district attorney do not want him to handle domestic by lit duly because he is some pressure asion probation for hitting his wife. >>obama is pushing congress to avoid the fiscal cliff. >>it is wet and windy outside. we will have your full forecast coming up. >> we can see drizzle coming out that is affecting the bay area. >> is the view from the san mateo bridge. as you can see it is wet outside. we may see possible thunderstorms for the evening. we may see breaks in s
to third-party equipment on its system. >>> california governor jerry brown who once was dubbed governor moon beam warned cliement change could soon send future generations fleeing planet earth. the governor said the rest of the country should follow california's but governor brown said if those emissions aren't brought under control, people might be forced to live indoors or quote on some other planet. >>> well, if there's a break in the skies these overcast skies these weekend bey sky watchers may get to see some shooting stars. astronomers say the celestial show should peak about midnight tonight west coast time. four to five meteors will be visible each hour. left-over bits of comets. >>> all right. let's get right to our weather now because there is a lot of rain out there. what's up, bill. >> it hitds right on the afternoon commute. not a surprise. afternoon commute is very wet and it's a get away weekend so holiday next week so it's slow. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. look at that, it is backed up. look at the other way, too, going into sacramento. it is slow going out th
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brown turkey is a must but still not complete without a delicious stuffing. preparing a holiday dinner from scratch is lot of work. can you wow your guests with store bought stuffing. we tested 11 to see if you can cut corners. test termination looked at one from stove top open arnold and great value from wal-mart. each was prepared according to directions. >> you wanted to stuffing the fresh broth plaiv. >> they didn't come close. >> most of stuffings tasted chewy vegetables and overpowering herbs. >> but testers say there is hope. two from pepper ridge farm and corn bread stuffings are flavorful and moist. >> most pepper ridge farms is a little more work but worth it. >> both would be a tasty addition for thanksgiving dinner and no one may know that the stuffing isn't homemade. >> consumer reports you can make it healthier by reducing the fat and salt. use a lower sodium broth and cut down on the butter and add more veggies and herbs instead of adding more salt. >> terry: i'm trying to keep tabs on this. system two is making its way out of town and system three is coming in. >> next
older than i would like to admit, i graduated from morris brown college in georgia. it was due to a huge part for the omega boys club paying for my tuition and providing me as well as many first generation college students the opportunity to go on to college and graduate. so it wasn't just about talking the talk)v)vpñyñ in terms of how we eliminate violence and how we work to make changes andgwñ transformation in the community but it wasn[ñ?ñ? also about the action behind it. having the opportunity to go to school, go to high school, and knowing and understanding that ifc ?ñ? you're part of a program that will be able to pay your tuition, takes the stress=ñ?ñ? off a lot of our students and a lot of cp └u that provide a tangible opportunity for change. so we just want to thank dr. marshall and jack for the work they've done over the past 25 years and the work that they continue -- and not only did they pay college[@kw tuitions, not only do they continue to work in the community, as you see they're not here tonight,
to injuries sunday ray lewis... lardarius webb... oo jimmy smith for antonio brown... troy palomalu... or ben roethlisberger for pittsburgh..yes, their q-b steelers injury report.but the ravens don't believe injuries can ssdeline big ben. "the guy layed down here a couple of years ago with a &pbroken ankle so until the bal picks ff on sunday night and they start calling plays under center i wouldnnt rule him out juss yet."3 the full injury report...high schooo gameeof the week...and terps &pbasketball.that's later in sports unlimited. 3&they're... a... grouu oo baltimore city... peewee football players.../ steering towwrds ...a.. nattonal championshii...//. but... one... slight problem.../ the... field... theyy ractice... on.../ leaves... them... completely in the dar. dark.janice park... ssreaming live... n... east baltimore../ .to ... tell us ...about ssveral... parents.../ who... are.. doing... whatever they can ... to... bring jeff,the team is called the parkkide warriorr...they are really good...buttthis is the to sittout here t
-toasted hash browns to your breakfast combo for just 99 cents. . >>> that's all for us tonight. you can always get the latest news online on news and weather and don't forget to join good morning maryland starting at 4:30 prieth and early on monday. when we're not here you go right there to the internet. we'll see you
. a new hospital based domestic violence program at gbmc. mayor brown helped launch the safe program friday. it offers treatment for victims and provides a state wide network for support and services to help prevent future abuse. that program is part of a state wide initiative that includes six other hospitals here in maryland. we're back in just a minute with >> good morning. sun is out this morning. we have to take a wide view of radar because this big area of high pressure is keeping us clear. it's just gorgeous. rain to the south, the south edge of that high, once you hit the rocky mountains west, northern plain, some unsettled conditions. right now it's sunny and 32 at the airport. that's the low so far this morning. the humidity, the number is high at 82% but the dew point is low. that 27 is an indication of the dry air that we have. the barometer continues to rise at 30.53. we take a look at our view. again, sunny skies. unsettled we thr up in the great lakes. storm conditions in the northern plains and the west coast. our forecast today, 50 to 55 for the high. very similar to
governor anthony brown and other state and baltimore county officials tour the new domestic violence program at gbmc friday. the lieutenant governor has close ties to domestic violence after his cousin was murdered by her estranged boyfriend. >> we'll be able to train the professionals, clinicians, doctors, nurses, to be able to help identify those who are victims of domestic violence and more importantly, to connect them to resources in the community so they can break that cycle of violence. >> the new program, which is being primarily funded by care first, will offer patients of the hospital all types of services for victims of domestic violence, including sexual assault. >> we believe that reaching out to these individuals is a huge help for a community, as well as getting these victims looped into other resources that are available. >> while gbmc is now the seventh hospital in the state to offer the program, six others have seen a huge success in helping lower the domestic violence rate around the state including mercy medical center, sinai hospital, northwest hospital, prince ge
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what's up. this is the domestic version of the wild turkey. it has the brown feathers the way the wild turkey would. wild turkeys are amazing, found all across north america. once almost wiped out because of unsustainable hunting and habitat destruction, but we've got these birds, they sometimes show up in people's backyards. >> they are very prevalent out in connecticut. >> with the holiday season kicking off, national wildlife federation is launching a brand new kid's magazine called ranger rick jr. to get kids reconnected with wildlife. i brought you guys copies. >> kids love animals. >> national wildlife federation, we're about the wildlife, but also about the kids. >> this guy's going to roam around? >> when we go to the next animal, he'll go back in. i'm going to have one of you guys hold the next animal, if i can find him in here, an alligator. this is a baby alligator. who wants to hold him? >> i'll hold him. grab him like that, cup him in good. i'm going to hold his big friend here. >> he's actually kind of sweet. >> look at this one. >> this is another endangered species succ
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. the consumer reports tests finds not all store-bought ones do. >> a moist, perfectly browned turkey is a must on thanksgiving. but it still isn't complete without a delicious stuffing. now preparing a holiday dinner from scratch is a lot of work. so can you wow your guests with a store-bought stuffing? consumer reports tested 11 to see if you can cut a few corners and still get tasty results. testers looked at ones from stove top, arnold, pepperidge farm and even great value from wal-mart. each stuffing was prepared according to directions, adding ingredients like butter or margerine, celery, onion and broth. >> we wanted the stuffing to have a fresh broth favor, nonbullion and taste the fresh vegetables, not dried or dried stuff. >> these didn't come close to homemade. >> most had chewy vegetables, crunchy crumbs, dried seasonings, overpowering herbs and a less flavor. but testers say there's hope. two from pepperidge firm, the herbed seasoned and cornbread stuffing, are fresh tasting, flavorful and moist. >> both of the pepperidge farm stuffings called for fresh ingredients. he add onion an
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anthony brown helped launch the safe program friday. it offers treatment for victims and provides a state wide support of services to help prevent future abuse. >> we believe that reaching out to these individuals is a huge help for the community as well as getting these victims moved into other resources that are available. >> the program is part of a state wide initiative that includes sick other hospitals in maryland. >>> you know how twinkies are supposed to have a ridiculously long shelf life? unfortunately the company that makes them has hit its expiration date. hostess is going out of business, leaving 18,000 people without a job. as 11 news reporter rob roblin tells us, a world without hohoes or dingdongs has people stocking up. >> at the hostess store, shelves were almost empty. word came down this morning that hostess was going out of business and the store would be closing. this morning drivers went out on their routes then parked their trucks for the last time. >> it's a tough time for everybody. just trying to make the best of it. >> any idea when you are going to be closeed?
of progressive senators, notably sherrod brown of ohio have said that's absolutely a non-starter for him. maybe you could structure something way out in the future. but social security really isn't the big problem. and i think that could be fixed relatively easily. it's controlling the costs of medicare. and pulling back on some of the benefits. and i do think the president is going to make a deal that his base will not like, but the republicans have to do the same thing. it's not going to be a real compromise unless there are people who are angry on both sides. >> good point. hey, reid, are we going to get any guarantees if we get $1 trillion in cuts in savings it goes to cutting the deficit and it isn't spent? >> no, of course not. there are no guarantees on any of this side. it's going to be fascinating to watch. by the way, the fiscal cliff is not just the sequester and the bush tax cuts. we also have to add in the alternative minimum tax, which john boehner has brought up that we haven't even dealt with the usual amt fix this year. we've also got the debt ceiling which we're going to reach
. either way it looks like it could open up a spot for scott brown to run there in massachusetts which we won't get into. if kerr is is the secretary of defense. what does it tell you about the direction of this nation's military. >> he has been against all these weapons systems from day one as you just played that clip. he was make the old joke about the 87 billion. he was for these wars before he was against these wars: it's very interesting that one theory going around now is john mccain has really been hacking susan rice who is the frontrunner for secretary of state. remember when kerry was running for president in 2004, he wanted mccain to be his running mate even though mccain is a republic. they are very close. no one doubts that mccain is very angry about what susan rice about going on all the shows and making the misleading statements. but there is a subcontext here. a lot of people think that mccain is trying to help out his buddy by dusting up susan rice and therefore opening the door for kerry to actually get the job he wants which is secretary of state. >> have the votes to g
stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. >>> tomorrow morning hundreds will gather near the national mall for a 5-k run. they're raising money for a condition that forces a million people to spend their lives enduring brain surgeries. news 4's seth lemon joins us with more on this condition. >> good morning. it's call ae's water on the bra there is no cure. the medical device used to treat it has one of the highest failure rates. the one girl you are about to meet fearlessly is facing the challenge. 12-year-old gabby and her mom amanda look like any other family. >> you ready? >> she is playful and smiling but hidden behind the smile inside gabby's body is 8 feet of tubing working to keep her alive. >> there is one back here and one right here. >> gabby has hydrocephalas a buildup of fluid inside the skull that leads to brain swelling. the tubing or shunt inside gabby reroutes the fluid into her stomach. >> you feel like your whole world ends for a second. >> reporter: amand
budget. there are some areas of, for its --, and brown. we believe that there are savings to be made in terms of rolling back many of the excess of agricultural subsidies. that is part of his budget. to get rid of some of these direct payments. we should agree on those issues fairly quickly. there are some items. you raise an interesting point that i want to emphasize, which is the term, ground is use a lot. what we need here is not -- it would be great to find more common ground. compromise is required. not just identifying areas everyone agrees on. excepts something to do not like. in exchange for moving forward and accomplishing a national objective. and compromise has been in short supply in many parts of capitol hill. hopefully this action-forcing evans will allow us to move forward. it needs to move forward in the context of an understanding that these issues were central to the campaign. the vice presidential campaign. there are some issues that on the sidelines. this is that one of them. fiscal issues, but issues, tax policy issues were debated. >> the president has a mandate
brown makes promises and doesn't fulfill the promises. >> i will give you we don't end up in some fundamentally different economic circumstance in terms of unemployment. i think that's exactly why the stim laltive effect rather than the austerity measures are so important. if we listen to lee sanders from afscme. let's listen to the afscme president lee saunders. >> we're going to keep our members mobilized and organized in the different communities across the country. we're going into another campaign. we won the election but we're going into another campaign now. >> congressman meeks, that's right. win agelection is not staging a coup. everybody's got to work together and come to compromise as you pointed out. there have been some real wins and the folks on the left are saying yeah, we're going to stand on principle and the principle is stimulative effect to get the economy going, not austerity. >> the president has always said there are certain things we must invest in. you talk about investing in roads and infrastructure and education, those are things important to our country
what is the, well the right thing, i think is the right thing to do. >> an example like brown for all of us to think about, you think about the heart and i love how he said it's heart, it's my heart, it's what i wanted. when you're facing insurmountable odds remember what he's done and think about how hard he worked for his dream. >> and also sometimes you get removed from perspective and you take his perspective and you realize how huge what he was allowed to do was for him and seems relatively simple for the rest of us and you realize hour the opportunity is for everybody. >> in the grand scope of the game itself, the one play i don't know how big one play is to him it was huge. to give somebody that gift man, i thought that was awesome. >> very small moments can change the world. >> yeah. obviously a moment his parents will never ever forget. a gift for them too. >> the still picture of him running the ball he looks like a million bucks right there. truly framed and on his wall. as it should be. >> nice work seth. nice work to seth doane and gregory who produced
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